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Saratoga Chiropractic Office Expands

Dr. Patrick Campbell, chiropractor

Turning Point Chiropractic, located in the historic Van Raalte Mill Building in Saratoga Springs has recently hired a new doctor. Dr. Patrick Campbell, chiropractor will be seeing patients starting June 10th. Dr. Campbell earned his doctorate at the University of Bridgeport and has a bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Towson University. Upon graduation, he accepted a position in Texas working for the largest chiropractic employer group in the country specializing in rehab of neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

“It was a great opportunity to push myself as a provider and be able to help so many people. The system they utilize is very unique and I look forward to bringing that approach to the Saratoga Springs region”, said Dr. Campbell.

A chiropractic doctorate is not the only thing he brings to Turning Point Chiropractic. He is also a certified corrective exercise specialist, performance enhancement specialist, Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist and holds multiple certifications through RockTape including performance taping and advanced blades (IASTM).

Finding a doctor who fits the model of the practice was no easy task. “I have been interviewing for almost 18 months”, said Dr. Favro, founder of Turning Point Chiropractic. “It has been my mission to provide cutting edge techniques based in science and research to help patients recover faster. Dr. Campbell’s philosophy on healthcare and treatment aligns perfectly with the mission of the office. His experience will be of great value to the Saratoga Springs community.”

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