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Advanced Therapies

Basic chiropractic techniques are powerful, but when combined with some of the world's most advanced and effective techniques, you get an accelerated path to wellness and a deeper understanding of how to maximize your bodies potential. Dr. Favro dedicates his time to learned and perfecting advanced therapies that will help you reach your goals faster. 

Active Release Techniques for muscle strains, spasms and trigger points.

Active Release techniques (A.R.T.)

The gold standard in soft tissue treatment. A.R.T. is the only technique in the world that has a patent, is trademarked, and copy written. Dr. Favro is one of only a few licensed A.R.T. providers in the capital disctrict. 

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (Graston Technique)

I.A.S.T.M. (Graston Technique)

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is a technique in which stainless steel instruments are used to remove adhesions in the soft tissues  of the body. An emollient is used to reduce friction while Dr. Favro manually glides the instrument back and forth over the problematic area. This can be very effeective for chronic conditions or tendon-related conditions. 

Rock Tape kinesio tape applied by chiropractor.

RockTape Kinesiology Taping

Made famous by the US Olympic beach volleyball team, Kinesiology tape has been around since the 1980s. It is a fabric tape with an elastic property that help reduce tension under the skin allow for improved circulation. It can also be used to active or de-activate s particular movement. Application is very precise and can be different for every patient. 

Therapeutic ultrasound for soft tissue injury.


Ultrasound is a unique therapy that pulses high frequency sounds waves deep into the soft tissue. The sound waves vibrate the tissue and cause friction which heats the tissue and improves circulation. Ultrasound is great for sprains, strains and tendonitis. 

Low-level light therapy and cold laser therapy.

Low-Level Light Therapy (Cold laser)

Light therapy has become a fairly popular technique over the past ten years. It uses right light in a concentrated area to penetrate the tissue. Red light activates the cells and increases their energy making them recover faster.  This works very well in areas that do not have their own blood supply like cartilage.