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Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractic treatment is a very safe and effective form of health care.  Each patient’s needs and comfort must be taken into consideration before treatment can begin. Turning Point Chiropractic offers the residents and guests of Saratoga Springs a diverse variety of treatment options and are sure they can provide one to fit your needs. Here are some of the adjusting types used to treat our patients:

Manual Diversified


Dr. Adam primarily uses manual, diversified adjusting. This is the technique that most people associate with chiropractic. However, this technique may not be the best or the most comfortable for the patient. In that case we have multiple different options.

Thompson Drop Piece

In some cases the doctors may use what is called a drop piece. There is a special table in the office that has sections that pop up and drop back down under quick impulses. This is very helpful for some people who are too tight to be put in their side or if a specific movement needs to be accomplished.

Activator Instrument

The activator instrument is a very powerful tool in a small package. The activator focuses the impulse into a small area and very quickly delivers a thrust to the segment or bone that is fixated. It is a fantastic tool used in acute condition such as whiplash and also used for elderly patients or those suffering from osteoporosis or other similar conditions.

At Turning Point Chiropractic we offer Saratoga Springs, NY patient-based chiropractic care. Our progressive therapeutic approach uniquely utilizes strength and conditioning movements, joint mobilizations, and cutting-edge manual therapy to achieve superior functional outcomes. Our patients recover quicker, enjoy greater fitness, and are empowered to manage and avoid future injury and dysfunction.

We also feel as though it is important to educate our patients so they are able to actively contribute to the progression and sustainability of their health and well being. Therapeutic exercises and stretches as well as lifestyle changes such a posture and nutrition will be discussed to further enhance the quality of life for each patient.