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Spinal Decompression


Spinal decompression is a technique that uses a specific table to pull apart the vertebrae and create more space for the nerves in the spine. Often called flexion/distraction, this technique is very effective at reducing radiating symptoms that area result of nerve and disc related pain. 

Disc Bulge

If you are experiencing symptoms of a disc bulge (leg pain, numbness, tingling), the disc is likely protruding into the spinal canal and interacting with nerves. Spinal decompression coupled with rehabilitation exercises  can help to reduce the bulge and symptoms. 

Nerve compression

When a spinal disc is short or dehydrated we say there is a loss in disc height. This can happen as a normal part of aging, from trauma or you can be born like this. Spinal decompression helps stretch out the muscles in the lower back and take pressure off the nerves that exit around the disc.