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Recommended Products

During your course of chiropractic treatment, there may be some items Dr. Favro feels you will benefit from. Although we carry a great deal of treatment supplies in the office some of the items below may be best purchased directly by you. If you have any questions on the items below or are looking for other recommendations, give our chiropractic office a call.

Mattress for lower back pain, neck pain. Recommended by a chiropractor.


You spend a great deal of time on your mattress. Make sure it is the best fit for you. Sleeping Organics is a great company with a great mission. Organic, natural latex has many health features and benefits. Check them out!

Trigger point ball to help with runners knee, IT band, shoulder pain and other chiropractic and muscle problems.

Trigger Point Ball

Trigger points can be a pain in the butt. Sorry for the pun, but this is something Dr. Favro, chiropractor sees on a daily basis. You want to speed up your recovery and prevent those injuries from returning? Pick up one of these and you’ll be well on your way.

Elastic exercise bands for rehab, physical therapy and training.

Resistance BAndS

Sometimes a gym just doesn’t have what you need. In the office, Dr. Favro, chiropractor likes to use progressive resistance. This gently loads the tissue and allows for a more dynamic exercise. If you are interested in a set of bands, this is the one at our Saratoga Springs chiropractic office.