Military Discount

TPC Military Discount Programmilitary-discount

At Turning Point Chiropractic, we understand the sacrifices and dedication of our service men and women. We also understand that Tri Care insurance through the military does not always cover what you need to get healthy faster and stay healthy longer. That is why we offer a military discount in our Saratoga Springs office.

Who is covered?

Like most health insurance programs, we have extended this to active military personnel, retired military personnel, veterans and their immediate families. We want you to have access to care and experience a more healthy lifestyle through our services.

What are the limits?

There are no limits to care. Our military discount program gives you the flexibility to seek care on an as needed basis as often as you would like. The charges don’t change from visit to visit and all of our services are covered under your military discount.

Military Referral Program

In Saratoga Springs, NY we are fortunate to have a Navy training base and have been able to help many of them get the chiropractic care they need to perform their job at their maximum potential. As an incentive to help reach other military personel, we will give you a credit for one FREE treatment for every military person you refer to our office. Again, there is no limit to the number of military personnel of family members you refer.


We want to sincerely thank you and your families for all you do to keep this country safe and thank you for trusting us to keep you healthy through your journey!