Health Care Vs. Sick Care

There is a great deal of importance in understanding health care. The term is used loosely to describe the national state of health, especially when chronic conditions and diseases are on the rise now more than ever. Health is defined as “freedom from physical disease or pain”. How can we experience health care if disease is on the rise? Isn’t it really just sick care? How do we get back to health care? For starters, some insurance companies are starting to give incentives for consumers who lead a healthy lifestyle. Too often people fall under the category of sick care and  once there, it can take a while to get back to health. However, it is not impossible! You can chose at any point in time to take charge of your health!

So where does chiropractic fit into health care?


While conventional medicine and drugs have their place, too often they are turned to for treatment. Most drugs are known to ‘mask symptoms’ as opposed to treating the cause. When the underlying cause for conditions are not treated, there is never permanent relief. Comparably, it would be like throwing layers of carpet down over a leaky pipe. The water will still spread out and the extra carpet will not fix the problem, just ‘cover it up’.


Another option is surgery and many would agree the technological advancement of many procedures has come a long way in the past few decades. However, we should not be using the changes in surgery as a reason to go under the knife. Certainly, surgery can be life-saving, but carries the risks. Whatever it the best for the patient should be the course of action.


Chiropractors use every tool possible to diagnose and treat conditions without the use of drugs or surgery. However, there are cases where surgical or medical intervention is necessary and that is why the doctors at Turning Point Chiropractic have developed relationships with other doctors in Saratoga Springs to provide information to you if needed.

Chiropractors also focus on keeping you well and not just providing care when you are sick. They don’t treat just the symptom, but the whole body which could catch something before it becomes a problem.