Athlete Performance

The human body is perhaps the most amazing machine on the planet. On one side you have Olympic body builders and power lifters who can lift tremendous amounts of weight and on the other end there are runners who can reach top speeds of almost 20 miles per hours. Those athletes train for their activity, but what about the mom who lifts the car off of her son?

Sometimes we take for granted what our bodies go through. Chiropractic helps keep you healthy by allowing the joints, muscle and nerves (the core physical structure of our body) to perform without interference whether you consider yourself an athlete or not.

The Evaluation

At Turning Point Chiropractic, Dr. Adam Favro understands what each athlete, no matter their sport or skill level, puts their body through. When you visit our Saratoga Springs office, Dr. Favro will perform a detailed history to better understand what training you have been doing, what training you are currently doing and help establish treatment and performance goals. Next a physical exam will take place where Dr. Favro will assess the muscle joints, ligaments and nerves of your body. This information will help establish a treatment plan that is personalized for you.

The Treatment

Treating an athlete is different than an acute or injury style of treatment. There are constantly changing variables that have to be accounted for. Dr. Favro will use a series of cutting edge technologies as well as the most current research to help bring your body into peak athletic condition and keep you performing at your best. For more information on some of the technologies used, head over to our Treatment Therapies page.